Worried About Your Pets Healthy? Call a Vet Near Me!

My neighbor and good friend Karen have a cat that goes to the vets a lot. It’s always a sad sight to see a cat in pain and the vet tech is not very happy about it. But she has been doing business for a while, so no complaints thus far. The day came when she couldn’t take anymore of the animal, so she brought it in to see a vet. I went with her and noticed that nothing serious happened, but my other two cats were crying a lot.

That was a scary thought, because they had never been in a room like that before. I asked the vet what could be wrong with the cat and she told me that it was a yeast infection. She gave them some anti-fungal medication that cleared up the infection within a few days and the cute cat was back to being happy and skinnier. I told her that I would definitely go to a vet near me and she said that her cat would prefer one of our smaller dogs, a Chihuahua.

So I went with my other two dogs and a local cat fancier who are a great pet person. I found out that the dog’s diet can be to blame for any type of sickness. There are some cheap items that are being bought at the store that contain preservatives and chemicals that can harm animals. These things should not be ingested by humans or be put inside their mouth, because it will be difficult for a pet to swallow and not get sick. These preservatives are found in so many different pet products including pet food, lotions, shampoos, and many more. Avoid buying these at your local pet store.

The Chihuahua’s owner was quite concerned when he found out that his little pup was ill. He took him to see a vet near me and found out that it was a yeast infection. The Chihuahua had a lot of it and his stomach was very swollen. It was covered in white foam and he was miserable. There were no other symptoms at all, that indicated that he might have a chronic illness.

What was even worse was that he had one more thing on his list that he wanted to be checked out- HPV! His sexual activity could have caused this. This is probably something that is easily preventable. Other STDs such as syphilis and gonorrhea can also be caught from an infected puppy.

Now that I have this list of worries in my head, I do not let my A Vet near me. Now I am a bit more careful, but I still let the local vet treat my pets when they need it. They are much better prepared than I am and they have the advantage of knowing how a sick pet should be treated, so they can also help me if my pup gets sick. It is much easier to take precautions when you know you have a vet near you.